Echoes Of Angels Who Won't Return

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8 September 1991
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__Echoes Of Angels Who Won't Return
Hiya everyone! I'm Juliet, but hey! You could call me Julie or just Ju, I don't mind :D Been fooling around in the world since 1991. Proud of my homeland, Italy. University student-Med School- I really want to be one of the best damn doctors you guys can count on.
All-kinds-of-Pie Lover xD, Major Strawberry juice and Irish Tea addicted. Hotcakes' got a tight leash on me. I'm a freckled, skinny girl who knows how to deal with her OCD and sometimes takes advantage of her condition. Like reading the same damn books again and again. Me? Sometimes complicated, other times stupid and a bit messy and pervert.
Violins and Tin Whistles are my buddies, they keep me calm and focused. I love Books-the good ones, the not too bad ones. I love reading and I shamefully consider myself a Reading-Machine. I do not like Twilight tho. I've read just one book and realised that S.M style is not able to get my attention.
Stephen King and Stephen Ambrose are my Heroes. I love them, their style and their books. Both of them owns a big space in my damn mind.
I'm obssesed with the war-stuff. From Ancient Greek stuff to 20th Century Irak war stuff. My weakness? WWII. Everything about the damn thing. Fucking everything. I've got not sides in the matter. Uk? USA? Japan? Italy? Germany?..Fuck man, Each one of those who had to deal and suffered and cried with the belic related thing, the ones who killed and the ones who were murdered, they are all in my heart.
When I was a kiddo my Nono took me to see a football match. I've been addicted to the beautiful game since then. Or was it since I saw Steven Gerrard play like he was on fire? Or was it since I had a silly crush on Oliver Kahn back in France 1998? I do not have got the slightlest idea.
I used to draw a lot, you know? and I used to write silly things too. Now I can't. I do not have the time anymore. Sometimes I wonder what did I have to choose a hard-complicated-time eating carreer for my tiny life. I still do. Haven't found the answer yet. But I'm happy and it's all that I've got to say.
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